Prayer List


Please Pray for the following:

Churches - Church at Silbee, TX - without a pastor
Churches - GBBC needs guidance from the Lord in finding a pastor
Churches - Our sister churches 
Health - Billy Andrews - Bone cancer
Health - Brent Thompson - Multiple Myeloma - Lucien/Diane's Neighbor - 2 months at MD Anderson
Health - Bro Burr - health
Health - Bro Carl and Sis Betty Carter - health problems
Health - Bro Chris Cockrell - Cancer
Health - Bro Curtis Pugh - Has problems with hemoglobin levels
Health - Bro Doug IV and Crystal Newell - health problems
Health - Bro Doug Newell III
Health - Bro James Hobbs and family - recent loss/health problems
Health - Bro Joe Ray Smith's wife Ellen
Health - Bro Joe Ray Smith - health problems
Health - Bro Lindy Davis (Pastor Portland Miss Bap) Kidney removed cancer in lungs.
Health - Bro Lyle Thomas' wife - Past 80 in a nursing home
Health - Bro Nate Hille - respitory problems
Health - Bro Randy Johnson's wife Donna- kidney problems
Health - Bro Ray Allen and Sister Susie Kennison
Health - Bro Troy Shepherd and family - cancer
Health - Brother Larry Mollette now has cancer in one kidney.
Health - Brother Lucien LeSage - Chronic Back Pain
Health - Corynne Friedrich
Health - James Mahler - Kidney Cancer
Health - Jon Hartman
Health - Karleigh(Shirlene’s niece, Wanda's granddaughter) - lost sight in one eye
Health - Lance LeSage 
Health - Mary McRevy - health problems - Golden Age nursing home rehab
Health - Pastor Peter and Sis Patty Horn
Health - Sis Ellen - health problems
Health - Sis Kathy Munn
Health - Sis Minerva Hires (Illinois) - health problems, hospitalized/released/went right back with complications
Health - Sis Ruthie McClellan - health problems
Health - Sister Ruth Camp - Metastatic Breast Cancer - Surgery on 9/5
Missions - Bro Charles Andrews - prison ministry
Missions - Bro Dan/Sis Sunny Sullivan in Thailand
Missions - Bro Frank/Sis Syd James in Western Australia
Missions - Bro Joey Newell at nursing home
Missions - Church in Romania and mission work there
Missions - Ladies for prison ministry - Thur 6:00 PM
Other - Bro Al Malo and Church (Ohio) - recent growth, asking for prayer.
Other - Bro Blake and Bro Brelend and Bro Lex - young saved men
Other - Bro Jerry Dodson - personal needs
Other - Bro Jesse and Sis Charlsey Herin and family - unspoken
Other - Bro Joey and Sis Jill Newell - daily walk/raising family
Other - Bro T.J. Hille - Adopted daughter has issues.
Other - Government leaders - rightly govern
Other - Members under discipline
Other - Scheduled preacher Jim Walters coming first week Feb.
Other - The Nation of Israel

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